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LinkedIn series #NoNeutral tells the real stories of business leaders who are bravely taking brand positions that aren’t exactly safe. Ross Martin, CEO of Brand Strategy & Business Innovation firm Blackbird, talks directly to the executives who pulled the trigger and made it happen. No bullshit, no puffery, just reality. The stories of what actually happened behind the scenes…and how. For more, email

Episode 1 - Sergio Eleuterio

Sergio Eleuterio

Episode 2 - Tom Ascheim

Tom Ascheim

Episode 3 - Ian Schafer

Ian Schafer

Episode 4 - Amy Emmerich

Amy Emmerich

Episode 5 - Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Daisy Auger Dominguez

Episode 6 - Joe Marchese

Joe Marchese

Episode 7 - Nick Tran

Nick Tran

Episode 8 - Alma Har'el

Alma Harel

Episode 9 - Frank Cooper

Frank Cooper
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